Time-saving Hacks for Mothers To Balance their Work and Personal Lives

Tips from some of my favorite parents of small children—parents just like you and me. Tips for scheduling, simplifying routine, saving time, and working efficiently.

Harleen Kaur
Jul 06, 2023 17:56 IST
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ime-saving Hacks for Mothers To Balance their Work and Personal Lives

ime-saving Hacks for Mothers To Balance their Work and Personal Lives

Tips from some of my favorite parents,  working mothers of small children, just like you and me. Tips for scheduling, simplifying routines, and saving time,that will help you create a balance between work and personal life. You just have to plan things, sit with your partner, your family, or your children if they are grownups, and create a timetable to simplify your routines.


Create a morning routine: Establish a consistent morning routine that everyone in your family will follow to refrain you from getting late to your own offices or kids' school.  Prepare outfits, pack bags, and set up breakfast the night before to minimize stress and save time in the morning rush.

Modern Morning Routine Productive

MOMS TIP - Set up a Breakfast/Lunchbox Menu and put it on on fridge to avoid any confusion or on-the-spot meal planning.


Use a family calendar: Keep a shared calendar, either physical or digital, to organize and coordinate family activities, appointments, and important dates. This helps everyone stay on the same page and reduces the chances of scheduling conflicts.

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MOMS TIP - Mention Important birthday parties coming around, Children's School meetings, or any other activities like public assembly of your child, or some sports day coming up.


Meal planning and prepping: Plan meals ahead of time, create a grocery list, and do meal prepping when possible. This saves time and ensures that nutritious meals are readily available, especially during busy weekdays.

Easy to Use Weekly Meal Planner - Etsy

MOMS TIP- Spend one day making a list of required groceries and buy them on the very same day. Restock anything that is about to finish and relax for the rest of the month.


Create a television/gadgets timetable for your child at home: In the absence of your at home, you should create a timetable for allowing kids to watch tv or use their Ipads or other gadgets to save you abundant energy. It helps you to avoid any related heated debates or temper tantrums related to the usage of their gadgets. Fix time, and let them enjoy that Screentime either with their favorite cartoons or tv show thoroughly. Rules and boundaries have to be defined firmly and followed too.

screen stime scheduel

MOMS TIP - Give them screen time Tokens, allowing them to watch the screen for 30 minutes with each token. They can use max 2 coupons per day. It will give them the independence of making decisions for themselves. 


Embrace the power of multitasking: Look for opportunities to multitask efficiently. For example, listen to educational podcasts or audiobooks while doing household chores. Play outdoor sports with your children to do your own cardio exercises in the evening.

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MOMS TIP - Practise deep breathing exercises, Meditation with your child to relax your as well as their running mind. It is the best way to inculcate a life-saving habit for them and of course, helps you relax and rejuvenate.


Utilize storage solutions: Use storage bins, baskets, and labeled containers to keep toys, clothes, and other items organized. This not only saves time searching for things but also helps teach children the importance of tidiness and responsibility.

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MOMS TIP - Instead of cleaning and storing toys every hour of the day, make a bedtime ritual, where you all are winding up the toys together and take out the essentials, outfits that are required for the very next morning.


Create a designated homework/study area: Establish a quiet and well-equipped space for your child to focus on homework and studying. Having a dedicated area reduces distractions and helps improve productivity. You can use that time to prepare your office presentations, read a book or do any required meal preparations for next day.

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MOMS TIP - Create building blocks or painting activities on an alternate day, sparing you enough time to rest and keeping them engaged for good 30-45 minutes.

Prepare a Child's first aid kit: Keep a well-stocked first aid kit at home and in your car. Include essential items like bandages, antiseptic ointment, gauze pads, and over-the-counter medications for common ailments. This ensures you can quickly address minor injuries or illnesses without having to rush to the store.

First Aid Kit essentials for babies and children | Family Health | Kidspot

MOMS TIP- Restock the things before they get finished and keep them accessible to other members of your house. You should have each and every important medicine that your child might need even in the middle of the night. You can ask Doctor for such a list of required medicines for uncertain scenarios.

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Establish a "home for everything" system: Designate specific spots for frequently used items such as keys, wallets, and important documents. This saves time searching for misplaced items and helps keep things organized.

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MOMS TIP - It is a great energy saver for you, Your kids won't be calling you unnecessarily to find every object they might need. Embibe the habit of keeping things back in place after every use.

Utilize online shopping and subscriptions: Take advantage of online shopping platforms and subscription services for household essentials, baby supplies, and other frequently used items. This saves time by eliminating the need for physical store visits and ensures regular delivery of necessary items.

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MOMS TIP - Various Online Libraries provide books for your children every month on a subscription basis. They send over new boos to read and take previous books back themselves so that your child can read books that save you from efforts of buying books and spending money. 

I will be sharing online subscription models availble online to relieve you from your avoidable duties while being a smart working mom.

Being working and a mother is a tough job but everything is manageable. Ask for help from your family.  You can contact us for personal timetables. Remember that no parenting hack or strategy works all the time. Each child and family is unique, so be willing to adapt and try different approaches until you find what works best for your situation. 


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