Fit and Fabulous: Post-Delivery Fitness and Exercise Guide

After giving birth, it is important to focus on health and well-being by exercising and prioritizing one

Exercise has many benefits for postpartum women such as regaining abdominal strength, feeling energetic, reducing postpartum depression, and losing extra weight gained during pregnancy

Depending on the type of delivery, it is safe to start exercising a few days to 6 weeks after birth

Before exercising, postpartum women should be aware of their weakened abdominal and joint muscles, and make sure to wear a supportive bra

Postpartum women should aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week, and can incorporate light-intensity activities such as walking, yoga, and stretching, as well as moderate-intensity activities like aerobics and vigorous-intensity activities like weightlifting

To stay motivated, postpartum women can join fitness clubs or community centers, ask a friend to be a workout buddy, or use smartphone apps for exercise and fitness

When starting postpartum exercises, caution should be taken and it is important to get a doctor