Quick and Easy Indian Breakfast/Lunchbox Ideas for Working Moms

Being a working mother who has to create a balance between her personal and professional life is very challenging. One of the most commonly faced challenges is what to cook for breakfast. Here are Quick and Easy Breakfast and Lunchbox Ideas.

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Quick and Easy Indian BreakfastLunchbox Ideas for Working Moms(10-minute Food Recipes).

Quick and Easy Indian BreakfastLunchbox Ideas for Working Moms(10-minute Food Recipes).

Quick and Easy Indian Breakfast/Lunchbox Ideas for Working Moms(10-minute Food Recipes)

Being a mom is tough and being a working mother who has to create. a balance between her personal and professional life is daunting sometimes and very challenging. One of the most commonly faced challenges is what to cook for breakfast yourself and your family which is quick and tasty too.

Apart from chocos, cornflakes, ready-to-cook oats that are available in the market, and of course the most evergreen dish, an omelet. I am listing down some tested Indian breakfast dishes that you must try to save time without compromising on your and your children's nutritional requirements.

Oats Dosa: This oats dosa is a healthy and easy-to-cook breakfast as well as an evening snack option. It doesn't involve soaking lentils and then grinding them to make the batter, You will need oats flour or ground oats and water to make batter for your dosas. It is gluten-free and a good source of protein and the cooking time is way too less..Please note it won't be very crispy as your standard dosa but tastes equally good if eaten with delicious coconut chutney.

Oats Dosa - No Fermentation Required - Ruchik Randhap

Rava Idli (Perfect Tiffin/Lunchbox Treat)

 With a little bit of pre-soaked semolina, curd, and water, this instant idli mix makes a delicious and quick breakfast. You can add pre-chopped vegetables like carrots, onions, and bell peppers to the idli mix to make it more healthy and packed with vitamins and minerals. Steam the batter in the idli maker and Voila.!!. they are ready in less than 10 minutes.

Rava Idli Recipe - Soft and Spongy South Indian Suji Idli - Rawa Idly

Sandwiches: Such a versatile recipe can be served as hot or cold. You can add anything or your leftovers from the fridge and grill it with some cheese spread.  Kids can eat raw vegetables in their sandwiches with the healthiest yogurt-based garlic dips(no mayonnaise) that you can make easily at home, and store in a refrigerator for around one week. Create a fresh batch every weekend. Sandwiches can be great on-the-go meals and can be taken in Lunchbox.

Big summer veggie sandwich | Recipe | Kitchen Stories

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Vegetable Poha: If you and your family Like Poha, it is such a quick, easy dish packed with nutrients. Always soak poha for 10-15 minutes before cooking to make it softer. Prepare masala for the Poha by using Prechopped vegetables, mustard seeds, curry leaves, salt, and a pinch of sugar with some crunchy peanuts and you are good to enjoy a 10-minute nutritious packed recipe.

Vegetable Poha | Diet Poha - Palate's Desire

Try to store chopped vegetables like carrots, onions, bell peppers, and some frozen peas in your fridge always. Store Curry leaves, Mint leaves, and Coriander leaves in zip-lock pouches in your fridge for a whole week.

Eggs:  I just love eggs, You can do many things with them within 10 minutes. And moreover, they are super healthy. You are never short of recipes that you can create with just a little egg. Oh, the list is too long but let me try to list down some of my fav recipes. 

30+ Healthy Egg Recipes - Healthy Ways To Make Eggs

illustration featuring breakfast egg dishes
From the Spruce
  • French toast(Bread coated with an egg and milk with a pinch of cinnamon)
  • Vegetable omelet ( Add pre-chopped vegetables to make it super healthy with some cheese if you fancy.)
  • Boiled eggs with any fruit you like or adore
  • Egg fry, full fry, or sunny-side up
  • Egg rolls( Use leftover/fresh chapati, roll it with an omelet with some cheese and lettuce tomatoes)
  • Boiled egg sandwich(Mash boiled eggs and grill them in bread for the yummiest and creamiest sandwich)
  • Scrambled Eggs(with cheese or without cheese with some sauteed vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms or corn.

Stuff Paranthas: One of the delicious and most popular breakfast dishes is stuff paranthas, where you can stuff any vegetable you like and eat them with curd or butter. You all must be aware of different stuff paranthas recipes. but I am going to share how you can make them a night, or a few days prior to saving your time in the morning.

You can either keep them in the fridge half-done for a day or in a deep freezer for two-three days.  I would recommend making storing them for a day only if you are giving them to your child in her lunch box.

Quick Aloo Paratha (No Stuff) – Welcome to Bhavna's Kitchen & Living!

  1. Simply roll the parathas and keep them stacked one above the other with a layer of butter paper in between.
  2. Put the complete batch in a zip lock. Remove any air pockets. Make sure the bag is closed properly.
  3. Simply store the zip lock in the freezer or one can wrap it in aluminum foil.

Pancakes/Crepe: New-age parents and new-age children love pancakes. What If I tell you they are super healthy and super easy  to make?

The Real Difference Between Crepes And Pancakes

  1. Mix oats flour or regular wheat flour as per your choice with some cinnamon and powdered sugar(optional)
  2. Add a mashed banana or any other fruit (I personally sometimes try mango) whatever you like to avoid adding any artificial sweetener.
  3. Make them as regular chilla on your pan and serve with chopped fruits and nuts or Nutella.
  4. It is a full-balanced meal if you add an egg.
  5. Prepare the batter the night before to avoid any fuss early mornings

Instant Besan or Moongdal Chilla: This savory pancake is rich in essential nutrients, including protein and vitamins. It works as a significant health booster and is easy to make. You can create a moong dal premix at home or buy from the store(to keep your breakfast game healthy and as quickly as possible. After all, you don't want to be late for your work and children should e punctual too.

Moong Dal Chilla Premix (400g) | Healthcult

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