Easy and healthy breakfast recipes for children and family

BREAKFAST is labeled the most important meal of the day. Everybody needs it to charge up for whole day. Children especially should not skip their breakfast to maintain energy levels whole day.

Harleen Kaur
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BREAKFAST is labeled the most important meal of the day. Everybody needs it to charge up for whole day. Children especially should not skip theri breakfast to maintain energy levels whole day.

Here are some suggestions for easy breakfast recipies fully packed with nutriton.


 Classic French Toast:

 With a dash of vanilla essence and cinnamon in the whipped batter of eggs with a tea spoon of milk, we love our French Toast with an organic honey glaze. Children ages 4 to 9years need 19 grams of protein and children ages 9 and 13years need 34 grams, classic french toast provide enough protien required by body. It’s quick and requires practically no preparation in advance.


French toast

Sweet Pancakes or Crepes

 Doctors recommend whole wheat flour, oats flour and any other millet flour over regular refined flour for children. Add pureed fruits of your choice to make your pancakes healthier, top up with fruits and honey to add vitamins to your child's diet. Preparing batter at night will save you time in morning. Dont forget to drizzle some honey or nutella on it.

Fruit smoothie bowl

Mangoes or strawberries, there’s always a seasonal fruit to go with this easy breakfast recipe. Make your own flavoured tasty yogurts at home. Blend a slightly hung curd with fruits that you have or according to your child's choice. dry fruits, musseli can be added on the top to make it more filling and rich in fibres.

yogurt bowl

 Rava Idli

 With a little bit of pre-soaked semolina, curd and water, this instant idli mix makes delicious and quick breakfast. You can add vegetables like carrots, bell peppers in idli mix to make it more healthy and packed with vitamins and minerals. Steam the batter in idli maker and Voila.!!. they are ready in less than 10minutes

Cutlets & Fritters

Fritters are something that’s easy to make and even the little ones can eat them independently. You can make with sweet potatoes, spinach, potato, carrots or chicken. Mixed with just a little bit of gram flour and some spices. 



Either make them green(with hidden spinach) or red (with your beetroot). Either make them sweet or savoury, every kid loves waffles. They get fascinated by waffles; their size, colour, shape, pattern. What a lovely sight to eat.



Quick or not, eggs are an all time favourite breakfast in the house. Add stuffings to them like Spinach, cheese, tomatoes, ham, chicken makes them a whole meal for your children. You can experiment as much as you want with your omlettes and serve different tastes everyday.

Savoury Pancakes or Crepes

Just like sweet pancakes or crepes, you can create your savoury pancakes, majorly known as chilla in India. Add grated vegetables to feed healthy food to your fussy eater. Create a batter a day prior to avoid any rush in the morning. You can pack them to your children on their wat to eat, as they way less messier to eat.


Such a versatile recipie, can be served as hot or cold. You can add anything or your leftovers from fridge and grill it with some cheese spread. This on the go meal, is sufficently good for kids too.

All above recipies are very easy to make, nutritious and balanced meals with no compromises in  taste. Instead of packged foods, serve your children freshly made food to make them healthy and active.


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