Winter Woes: How I Protect My Baby During Indian Chills?

Unveil effective ways to shield your little one from the biting cold. From carom seed pouches to cozy co-sleeping strategies, these tried-and-tested methods offer warmth and relief from common winter discomforts for your precious bundle of joy.

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Winter Woes: How I Protect My Baby During Indian Chills.

10 Winter Survival Hacks for Keeping Your Infant Cozy in the Cold

As a mother, ensuring your baby's comfort and health during the biting cold of Indian winters is paramount. The season brings forth many challenges, particularly for infants with their delicate systems susceptible to illnesses. The dropping temperatures coupled with lower immunity levels make babies more vulnerable to infections. Here's how I've been safeguarding my little one during this chilly season.

10 Winter Survival Hacks for Keeping Your Infant Cozy in the Cold

  • Extra Two Layers for Added Warmth

Infants, especially the less mobile ones, benefit from an extra layer or two. These additional layers provide much-needed warmth, but it's crucial to monitor their comfort to prevent overheating. By balancing these layers, I've managed to keep my baby snug without the risk of them getting too warm. I gave two extra layers to my infant, one full sleeves, and one sleeveless Chester to keep the baby's chest warm.

  • Using a humidifier with heaters:

Maintaining a warm and cozy environment at home is essential. However, using heaters can dry out the air, affecting your baby's skin. Installing a humidifier has been a game-changer, ensuring the right moisture levels in the room to keep both my baby and the air comfortable. Remember not to use blowers or heaters for a long time. 


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  • Hydrate and Moisturize

The winter air tends to dry out a baby's sensitive skin. I've been using a gentle moisturizer specifically designed for their delicate skin to combat this. Or you can use warm olive oil, or almond oil to massage your little ones to protect the suppleness of their skin.

  • Vaccination Schedule

Sticking to the vaccination schedule is non-negotiable. Winter brings a higher risk of infections, making it crucial to ensure my baby is up-to-date with their vaccinations to fortify their immune system against prevalent diseases. Cover your baby, wrap her in your arms, and book an appointment, because you cannot miss any vaccinations. 

  • Warm Water Bags or Hot Water Bottles:

Utilizing gentle natural warming techniques has been effective. Placing warm water bags near the crib, maintaining warm bedding without covering the baby's face, and indulging in warm baths and massages help regulate their body temperature without causing discomfort.


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  • Breastfeed Breasfeed Breastfeed.

Breastfeeding, my go-to for my baby's health, isn't just a meal—it's a powerhouse of immunity. Through its nutrients and antibodies, it's a winter armor against common ailments, offering not just nourishment but also the warmth of closeness and protection.

  • Nasal Care and Warm Foods

As congestion tends to be more prevalent in the colder months, I've used a humidifier to ease my baby's nasal passages. Additionally, incorporating warm, nourishing foods like soups and porridge into their diet helps regulate their body temperature and keeps them cozy.

  • Warm Baths:

Your baby enjoys a refreshing bath too! A lukewarm bath can ease congestion and clear mucus, promoting better sleep for your little one. Use warm water, not hot, and keep it brief to avoid making your baby too cold afterward. Moisturize their skin with a gentle lotion or oil to protect them from dryness, and consider shortening massage sessions during winter.

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  • Carom Seeds (Ajwain) in Warm Cloth Pouches:

Create warm pouches by roasting carom seeds, then placing them in a soft cloth near your baby's sleeping area. This not only provides comforting warmth but also aids in relieving congestion, cold, and cough symptoms in infants during the winter.

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  • Mustard Oil Massage:

Prepare a mixture of mustard oil, ajwain, and garlic, and apply it to your baby's feet before bedtime. This concoction helps keep their feet warm throughout the night, especially when packed snugly in sleeping bags or during co-sleeping in extremely cold weather.


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  • Co-Sleeping for Added Warmth:

In chilly weather, co-sleeping with your baby can offer them additional warmth and security. Infants tend to wiggle out of their blankets, so sharing the bed ensures they stay cozy and snug through the night.

Babies can't adjust to temperature changes as well as adults. Babies can lose heat rapidly, nearly 4 times faster than an adult. Their bodies may not be ready to control their own temperature, even in a warm environment. Even full-term and healthy newborns may not be able to keep their body warm if the environment is too cold. So be cautious about their layering in winters.

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