What toy is suitable for newborns and babies aged 0-6 months?

For infants between 3 to 6 months old, it's crucial to engage in activities that stimulate their senses, support physical development. Encourage your infant's development with sensory toys, soft rattles and high contrast objects and flashcards.

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What toy is suitable for newborns and babies aged 0-6 months?

Welcome to motherhood! The first three months of a baby's life are often filled with sleeping, cooing, pooping, and crying.

As your baby turns three, they start to explore the world around them more actively. For infants between 3 to 6 months old, it's crucial to engage in activities that stimulate their senses, support physical development, and foster a strong bond with parents or caregivers. 

Toy Checklist for Infants and Babies 0-6 Months Old

Encourage your infant's development with these sensory-rich toys designed for newborns to 6-month-olds. Before you buy anything for your newborn or infant, make sure it's BPA-free and made of high-quality materials, as infants have a habit of putting everything in their mouths

  • Sensory Toys:

Offer soft toys with different textures for them to explore through touch.

    • Fidget Pop it toys
PATPAT® Silicone  Fidget Pop it toys/ Teether
    • Spinning Sensory Toys
Suction Spinning Sensory Toy for babies
    • Sensory Squeaky, Squishy Balls
B4BRAIN Sensory Squeaky Balls
    • Textured Sensory Mat
Sensory Montessori Mat
    • Soft Plush balls
Firstcry Plush Texture Ball for Babies 
    • Crinkly Textured Toy with dual side; bright charcacters on front, black and white contrast on back with crinkly sound.


Glee Natural Toys Crinkly Sensory Toy( front side) 


Crinkly Sensory Toy with Neem Ring Teether(back side)
    • Push and crawling toys
Giggles - Push N Crawl Monkey, Tummy Time Activity Toy,
Push and Go Doraemon Scooter Toy
  • Food grade teethers for babies

    • Pull string teethers for 6 months baby
Kidology Elephant Pull String Activity Toy for Babies 


    • Teething Baby Teether Toy / Teething Stick for Babies
MASTELA Giraffe Shape Food Grade Silicone Teething Baby Teether / Toy
MOM CARE Silicone Baby Teether cum Brush
  • Musical toys

Wembley Roly Poly Tumbler Doll Toy
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn  Musical Plush Toy
Cable World Drum Keyboard Musical Toys- Animal Sounds and Songs
Firstcry Intellibaby Premium My First Musical Instruments Set 
Dancing Cactus Toy Kids and Repeats What You Say
  • Rattles and Grasping Toys:

Soft rattles and toys with different shapes and textures are great for little hands to grasp and explore.

PATPAT®  Plush Soft Rattle with Teether and Handband
abracadabra Wrist Rattle for Newborns & Infants
Soft and Squeaky rattles for Babies
HippoToys™️ Premium Wooden Rattle Toy for New Born Baby,
Wooden Non Toxic Colourful Musical Rattle Toys for Newborn Baby


  • Books for infants

Engage your little one with peek-a-boo, touch and feel books, high contrast books, and soft cloth texture books.

    • Peek-a-boo books for babies
Peek-a-boo books for babies
Intellibaby Premium Plush Cloth Peek-a-Book
    • Touch and Feel books for babies
Touch and Feel books for babies
Cuddle Squeak Peek Cloth Book
    • Sound books for babies
Noisy Farm books
Ladybird Big Noisy Book
    • Soft cloth books babies
Soft cloth books babies

Wonderhood Old McDonald Farm Baby Touch and Feel Soft Activity Book
    • High contrast Books for babies
Ladybird Baby Touch First book
The Curious Bees - Newborn High Contrast Flash Cards - Black & White
  • Play gyms and play mats: Provide a soft, padded play mat with attached toys for them to play on their back and practice reaching.
Play Gym Mat With Piano
Haus and Kinder Baby Playgym for Babies 

Stimulating your child's brain during this time and providing situations where they can explore helps them learn and connect with their environment. Never go overboard with toys. Engaging with your little one, talking, and singing contribute significantly to their development. Toys play a secondary role when it comes to development. These toys help parents interact with their kids and keep them engaged for longer periods.


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