What is Gentle Parenting??

Gentle parenting is a new positive parenting approach to raise children with empathy, respect, and understanding.

It focuses on fulfilling the emotional and physical needs of children while treating them with kindness and compassion.

In Gentle Parenting, the idea of “CONNECTION BEFORE CORRECTION” is followed.

Mutual Respect forms a strong foundation for Gentle Parenting. Give respect, receive respect.

Gentle Parents use positive words, and gentle phrases to deal with children's anger, tantrums, and temperament issues.

Try to understand things from child perspective, and provide them non-judgemental relationship.

Gentle parenting is not being too lenient. Set boundaries, set rules, and treat your child like an adult who can and will understand your opinion, if communicated properly.

It is a long-term parenting approach that has to stay there always, in spite of any ups and downs in your parenthood and your child's childhood. Never loose your calm and love your child unconditionally.