Tips to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

Excessive screen time not only impacts physical and mental well-being but also limits opportunities for other enriching experiences. Here are Tips to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

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Tips to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

Tips to Reduce Screen Time for Kids

Summer break is a time for children to relax, explore, and engage in a wide range of activities. However, the allure of screens, from smartphones and tablets to video games and streaming services tempts them to do nothing but gaze on their screens. Excessive screen time not only impacts physical and mental well-being but also limits opportunities for other enriching experiences.

 Tips to help Parents reduce screen time for their Children 

Set Clear Screen Time Limits: Establish clear guidelines for screen time and communicate them with your children. Define specific time slots or durations during the day when screens are allowed, and ensure that these limits are consistently enforced. The goal is not to completely eliminate screen time but to find a healthy balance.

MOMS TIP - You can assign Screen time tokens to them, where they can use one to watch screens and there will be limited tokens for a day.

A simple way to set screen time limits (and a free printable for screen  time tokens) - The Creative Mom
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Encourage Alternative Activities: Provide a variety of alternative activities that your children can enjoy during their free time. Encourage outdoor play, engage in arts and crafts, read books together, or explore hobbies and interests that don't involve screens. Consider age-appropriate puzzles, board games, building sets, and art supplies that capture their attention and spark their imagination.

MOMS TIP - You can invest in good roleplay costumes, or play-houses that are fascinating, Hence it will reduce their temptation to use their screens.

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Plan Engaging Family Activities: Make time for regular family activities that promote quality interactions and bonding. Plan outings to parks, beaches, museums, or local attractions where children can engage in new experiences and create lasting memories. These activities provide alternatives to screen time and foster meaningful connections.

MOMS TIP - Opt for a hobby or project like gardening, painting a wall, or dancing or you can join an outdoor game or physical activity like swimming.


Create a Screen-Free Environment at Home: Designate specific areas or times in your home as screen-free zones or times. For example, meals, family gatherings, and bedrooms can be screen-free areas to encourage face-to-face interactions and promote better sleep hygiene.

MOMS TIP - Try Board games and Multiplayer games that a family can play and enjoy together.

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Lead by Example: Children often mimic their parent's behavior, so be mindful of your own screen time habits. Demonstrate a healthy balance by reducing your own screen time and engaging in activities that don't involve screens. By setting a positive example, you inspire your children to follow suit. 

MOMS TIP- Stop watching television while eating food, or Using the phone in front of them unnecessarily especially after you have come home from your office.

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Encourage Physical Activity: Engage your children in physical activities that they enjoy. Encourage them to ride bicycles, play outdoor games, participate in sports, or go for family walks. Physical activity not only promotes physical health but also reduces screen time by providing alternative sources of entertainment and stimulation.

MOMS TIP - Plan a calender and their timetable with them, Include lots of physical activities in their calendars. You can make them join a group activity with their peers.

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Involve Children in Activity Planning: Involve your children in planning activities and outings during summer break. When they have a sense of ownership and contribute to decision-making, they are more likely to be invested and excited about non-screen activities. 

Kids Weekly Activity Planner | Children's Timetable | Twinkl

Foster a Love for Reading: Encourage reading by creating a cozy reading nook at home, visiting the local library, or joining summer reading programs. Make reading a daily ritual and explore a variety of books to ignite their imagination and expand their knowledge.

MOMS TIP - Using reading time at night will help them to sleep better and it will reduce their unnecessary scrolling down their social media and other apps.

Involve them in Household chores- Assigning them and delegating their household chores are great for you and as well as your children, it will reduce their screen time and of course will make them more independent and capable.

MOMS TIP - Folding clothes, Watering plants, Making their own beds, and cleaning glasses at home are great ways to start with.

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 The goal is not to completely eliminate screen time but to find a healthy balance. By implementing these tips, you can help your children make the most of their summer break, engage in diverse activities, and develop a well-rounded lifestyle that goes beyond screens.


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