The Most Common Parenting Challenges and How to Deal with Them

PROBLEM: Addiction to screens and gadgets SOLUTION: It can be managed by limiting Your screen time and encouraging children to indulge in outdoor activities instead. Play with them.

PROBLEM: Discipline and disobedience SOLUTION: It can be managed by understanding the reasons for the child behaviour and be gentle with them.

PROBLEM: Aggression in children SOLUTION: Remaining calm and composed, find out the reasons for the behaviour, and show them how to manage frustration and anger in a positive way.

PROBLEM: Temper tantrums SOLUTION: Acknowledge their feelings without judging them, give them a hug and stay calm or try distracting.

PROBLEM: Improper sleeping habits SOLUTION: Put your child to bed when they are sleepy and make the bedroom a no-screen zone .

PROBELM: Poor eating habits SOLUTION: Be role model; Promote healthy eating habits and offer them variety of foods to try

PROBELM: Sibling rivalry SOLUTION: Treat them fairly not equally

PROBELM: Lack of confidence SOLUTION: Encourag your children to step out of their comfort zones and try new activities, and try to find their interest and stop forcing them.

It is important to remember to be gentle and never force anything on children Love and support are the best solutions.