Insights and Triumphs: A Mother's Journey to Successful Breastfeeding

New mothers often encounter varied breastfeeding challenges. This story follows a mother's determined quest for a successful breastfeeding journey amidst obstacles, reflecting the resilience and unwavering efforts she invested.

Varinda Khanna
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Embracing Motherhood: Overcoming CEmbracing Motherhood: Overcoming Challenges of Breastfeedinghallenges of Breastfeeding

Embracing Motherhood: Overcoming Challenges of Breastfeeding

Stepping into motherhood introduced me to unexpected challenges, particularly after my C-section. I longed to breastfeed my baby, but our journey didn't start smoothly. Teaching my little one to latch became an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Like any mother, I wanted to nourish my baby directly, but our attempts at latching were full of difficulties. Despite my efforts, my baby couldn't latch, causing frustration and tears, leaving me feeling incomplete in my role as a mother.

The early days were filled with echoes of my baby's cries, and my feelings of being a new mom who was trying to navigate uncharted territory.

Although I had a milk supply ready, my son struggled to latch. Resorting to pumping and feeding him expressed milk through bottles became my routine. The process of pumping every two hours, sterilizing bottles, storing milk, and supplementing with formula was tedious and became horrified when one day my child cried for milk, and I was late on my pumping schedule and had no milk for him. I sometimes struggled to meet his immediate needs.

I sought advice, watched endless videos, and tried various techniques, but nothing worked. Frustration and self-doubt clouded every failed attempt while conflicting advice from well-meaning voices added to the turmoil.

Things I did to get my baby latched

Despite the setbacks, I persevered, determined to make it work. It took me two months of relentless effort before a turning point emerged.

  •  A nurse suggested a painful yet promising solution: moulding my nipples with a syringe to aid latching. Lactation consultants can help new moms stick with breastfeeding
Step 3 Use an inverted syringe.
Inverted syringe method for latching// Wikihow

Enduring tears alongside my baby, I locked myself in, determined to face the pain, and slowly, progress emerged.

  • Nipple shields became my unexpected saviour, bridging the gap between struggle and success.
Using a nipple shield with a breastfed baby - ABM
Nipple shields became my unexpected saviour.
  • Try to get the baby back on the breast every day. Keep pumping milk to protect her supply and prevent mastitis and other problems.
  • You definitely can’t just leave it – always keep feeding the baby and emptying the breast; keep the baby close and try the breast at every feed.

Over 60 days, I clung to hope, and embraced sleepless nights and countless discussions, until finally, the breakthrough arrived.

The victory wasn't just about latching; it was about discovering a well of strength within, a powerhouse that every mother has within.


To mothers facing similar battles, I implore you: don't give up. You possess unimaginable strength. Every moment of persistence in the journey of motherhood narrates a tale of triumph. Hold onto hope, embrace your resilience, and know, you're never alone.


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