20 Extra-Curricular Activities that Transform Kids into Confident, Skilled Superstars!

 Extra-curricular activities like debating, journalism, music, drama, dance, cooking, painting, pottery, yoga, books club and robotics provide children with opportunities for personal growth and skill development.

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20 Extra-Curricular Activities that Transform Kids into Confident, Skilled Superstars!

Prepare your child for the future.

 Extra-curricular activities are a cornerstone of a well-rounded education, providing children with opportunities for personal growth and skill development,  improves self-esteem, and are excellent for mental, physical, and emotional growth. Not all kids are high-performing academics, nor do they need to be.

20 Extra-Curricular Activities that Transform Kids into Confident, Skilled Superstars!

Academic and STEM Pursuits: 

In South Africa and China, Robots are Helping Kids Learn to Code -  TryEngineering.org Powered by IEEE
Robotics and Engineering
  • Robotics: If you child is older than 7, Robotics classes have a structured activity-based learning plan that works on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) principles  which boosts your child’s cognitive development, fosters creativity, and enhances confidence.
  • Coding and Programming:   It is a fantastic way to introduce them to problem-solving, logic, and creativity. 
  • Olympiads : Olympiads present students with challenging problems and questions that go beyond standard curriculum, encouraging them to think critically and creatively.
  • Lego and Building blocks class: Building with Lego and blocks helps children understand spatial relationships and dimensions as they work with three-dimensional objects.
LEGO City: Express Passenger Train - (60337)
Lego Kids

Arts and Expression:

  • Drama and Theatre : Cultivates confidence, public speaking, and dramatic expression and help children imagine better. They develop teamspirit, resillence, and patience amongst kids.
5 Ways Drama Classes in Schools Can Help Your Kid in Singapore
Image credits//MINDCHAMPS
  • Art and Craft activities : Painting, sketching, pottery, clay moulding, sculpting, paper folding, all art and craft activities offer a therapeutic outlet for creativity and fine motor skill development.
  • Music, or playing an instrument:  It requires dedication and consistent practice. It teaches discipline, patience, and the value of hard work over time.
  • Creative Writing and Story telling : Encourages literary expression and imaginative thinking.
174 Creative Writing Activities for Preschool Kids
Creative Writing and Story telling for kids
  • Cooking class: This helps them to learn about nutrition and how fusion of things works.
  • Book club: Joinng a book club helps little kids socialize and develop their reading skills and vocabulary, which will have a tremendous impact on their writing skills.
Start a Kids' Book Club - Sawan Books

Sports and Physical Fitness:

  • Gymnastics classes: It is a fantastic way to promote physical fitness, coordination, flexibility, and confidence in young individuals.
  • Yoga and Mindfulness: Enhances flexibility, balance, and mental well-being, promoting both physical and emotional health in children.
How to get your kids to practice yoga and mindfulness to help with mental,  social and emotional challenges - BALANCE
Yoga classes for kids
  • Martial Arts: Teaches discipline, self-defense, and physical conditioning, instilling valuable life skills such as respect, focus, and perseverance. It can be karate, taekwondo, or judo.
Judo as a perfect sport to support children's development - Johan Cruyff  Institute
Martial art for kids
  • Dance : Combines artistic expression with physical fitness and teamwork, fostering creativity, coordination, and social skills in kids.
  • Swimming: Builds strength, endurance, and water safety skills, promoting a vital life skill while providing an excellent cardiovascular workout.

Community Service and Leadership:

  • Environmental Club: Joining an environmental club helps children spend more time in nature, outdoors, understand cause-and-effect relationships of human actions, and develops a sense of belonging and conservation towards the environment. This is the need of the hour.
10 Environmental Activities for Early Years
Enviornmental activities for kids
  • Volunteer Initiatives: Doing volunteer work instills a sense of activism and responsibility in kids, and teaches them to work towards what they believe in. It can be cleaning streets, distributing food, or helping stray dogs, visiting old-age homes etc.

Find Volunteer Opportunities for Your Kids | Connections Academy

  • Debate Club: It teaches children to put their point forward and accept contradictory points from others. Debate club prepares your child for just that. Joinig debate club prepares your child for group discussion and how to outshine amongst the group.
Websites to Prep Students on Topics for Debate
Debate clubs prepare child for group discussions and public speaking
  • Foreign Language Club : It provides excellent opportunity to learn a new language and tune your child’s communication skills and it allows the to connect with a broader range of people in their lives.
  • Podcasting Club: A club where students work together to plan, record, edit, and publish podcasts on various topics of interest.These activities can provide students with opportunities to develop skills in communication, storytelling, technology, and teamwork. 
Now Playing . . .: Using Podcasts and Kidcasts in the Library | Felde |  Children and Libraries
Podcasting and Journaling for kids

Extracurricular activities can build new skills, forge friendships and minimise screen time. But make sure your child is not overload with activities.


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