Best Sensory Toys For Babies

Sensory toys are essential in stimulating a baby

Sensory play involves engaging a baby

Different toys are suitable for different age groups, from 0-3 months to 12-18 months

For first 6 months: Rattle, teethers, Playmats, Play gyms, high contrast flash cards, are great options of sensory toys

For 6-9 months: Plush toys, cloth books, Musical toys, soft blocks, Pop it toys works best to stimulate sensory development.

9-12 months: Hand puppets, finger puppets, Stacking & nesting toys, musical toys and books, Fidget spinners are great options.

12-18 months: You can start offering them clay, slime, kinetic sand, wooden blocks , Colors to scribble, but under strict supervision.

Remember that safety is important during sensory play. Always supervise babies and toddlers during these activities to prevent any potential choking hazards or accidents.

Every child develops at their own pace, so some babies might show more interest in certain sensory experiences than others. Some might like books, other blocks or just nothing.