10 Parenting Tips To Raise Strong And Resilient Children

BALANCE PRAISE AND CRITICISM: Praise publically and criticize privately.

DON'T BECOME OVERPROTECTIVE PARENT: Let them fail and learn from the consequences.

ENCOURAGE INDEPENDENCE: Allow your children to make age-appropriate decisions and take calculated risks.

COPING SKILLS: Teach Emotional Intelligence and Stress management to children.

ENCOURAGE HEALTHY RELATSIONSHIPS: Strong relationships are a key enabler in achieving resilience.

EXPOSE THEM TO CHALLENGES: Let them decide for themselves, help them to help themselves.

NURTURE A GROWTH MINDSET: It makes them more confident and more capable.

PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS: Makes children self-sufficient, independant and resilient.

PROVIDE SAFE & OPEN SPACE AT HOME: helps them to express their emotions without fear of judgment.

PROVIDE UNCONDITIONL LOVE & SUPPORT : If kids feel like they are seen, safe, and heard, they are more likely to make better choices, and take risks.

Consistency, patience, and a loving approach are key to raising strong and resilient kids.