7 Reasons Why Limiting Screen Time is Essential for Children

Digital devices can interfere with everything from sleep to creativity

Reason 1: Too much screen time can Make it hard for your child to sleep at night. It cause sleep disruptions.

Reason 2: It effects cognitive development in children. High levels of screen time during the early years can affect cognitive development and executive functioning in later childhood.

Reason 3: Screen time increases your child's risk for obesity. Sitting and watching a screen is time that is not spent being physically active and Children eat more when they are watching TV, especially if they see ads for food.

Reason 4: High screen time reduces ability to concentrate and focus in younger babies

Reason 5: Excessive Screen time delays language, emotional and social development in babies

Reason 6: Anxiety, and depression in children. Children who spend much time on their screens rarely have time for mental breaks, which leads to anxiety and stress.

Reason 7: More screen time means less family time. Less family time sets to other chain events, that is not good for child's brain development.