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Shoutout to new moms out there..!! Discover ways to manage your life after you have welcomed your little bundle of joy, emotional support, sense of community and practical advice from other mothers who share similar experiences and challenges.

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Every new mother struggles through the following aspects of their life:-

Living on babies time,  Looking at your post-delivery body. Burdensome routine, Comparisons of your mothering style with others, Loss of desire in Partner, Hormonal fluctuations and what not….List is too long to be mentioned here, But why to focus on such an empty part of a glass.

Ladies, Take a break, Sit down, Relax and enjoy your new phase ; the most challenging but greatest one..

Trust me!! You can create memories with your little bundle of joy and maintain your mental health by checking the following checklist.

  • Love your new body, not everybody gets the chance to have such ethereal experience.

  • Grab extra 10 minutes of sleep, whenever you get it, you won't stay behind in your daily schedule.

  •  Don't feel shy asking for help from your family, Everybody asked for a new member at their home, baby is not your sole responsibility.

  • Get out of the house, either for coffee, household errands or go to a church/temple. You need an outing, it's requisite for your health.

  •  Plan your days to provide yourself with a buffer for "ME TIME” when the child is asleep or away.

  •  Ignite the spark in a relationship, Don't let your new younger one steal your thunder.  You can be a caring mother and loving wife simultaneously.

  •  Plan outings with your child, she is your companion, not only a responsibility. Go to the mall, lunch or other groups to meet other children and their moms. 

  •  Join social groups online/offline to discuss and share...Sharing is the key to an uncomplicated life.

Enjoy your motherhood, cherish their snuggles, they will outgrow your lap in no time. Don't just spend your time shaming your postpartum body and cribbing. It's time to look at a half glass full of water.

“Those Little Feet Won't Be Little Forever.” - Ashlee Edens

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