Fun activities for kids (toddlers 1-3)

Play with Animal puppets: Imitate actions and sounds

Make your own shaker, rattles at home using bottles, some Pulses or rice.

Stamping with cut vegetables or sponges. Try using non toxic paints of children less than age of 18months

Create a sensory bin with items like rice, pasta, beans, or water beads. Let them explore different textures.

Set up a mini obstacle course using cushions, pillows, and safe household items.

Read books together. Interactive books with flaps or textures are especially engaging.

Provide playdough and child-safe tools for them to sculpt and create.

Blow up balloons and play games like balloon volleyball or just have fun batting them around.

Make your own sensory bottle. Use slime, glitters, beads, other toys available at home to create your own DIY sensory bottles

Play water games along with color-sorting games. Toddlers love sorting things out, and adding water to their games, make it more fun.