7 Yoga Poses to Improve Focus in Children with ADHD

Child's pose is a calming pose that helps in relaxation and reduces anxiety and restlessness in children and adults both.

Downward-Facing Dog helps to release tension in the body and promotes blood flow to the brain, improving concentration and focus in children with ADHD

The tree pose is a balancing pose, which creates focus, concentration, and Helps in attaining mental clarity.

Happy baby pose help in relaxing kids with ADHD and can also fight fatigue.

Seated Forward Bend benefits spine mobility and overall flexibility which further reduces anxiety & stress.

Warrior II represents the Hero focusing on his target which improves the focus in children, especially those with ADHD.

Cat and Cow Yoga pose elongates the spine, works on posture and helps in calming mind.

Corpse Pose (Savasana) helps to relax the muscles and reduce hyperactivity